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Esther -  Cape TownDr. Bell

Money Spell

I wanted you to know that in February I wrote and asked for some help. I needed some money. Three weeks after my spell was cast I won R168,500. Then a week later I won R9, 6547, then R890, 293. Esther Cape town

Gordon Monks, UKDr. Russell

Money Spell

I thought things were going smoothly. I had successfully bought my first house with my husband, and we were having a good time decorating our new spacious rooms. My kids were studying hard in university and I had a great job making enough money for my wife to stay home. We had a routine, and I liked routines. I thought we were unbreakable. Until I got laid off. Turns out, my great job was responsible for over 500 lay offs within a time span of five  days. I was one of them. The day that I brought home my last paycheck to my house was worth a few tears. I didn't know how to tell my wife, so I didn't. I decided that she didn't need to know just yet. I could solve this problem. I began to leave for “work” just as normal, but instead I headed for the library to frantically apply for jobs on line. One day on the computer in that stuffy, quiet room, I found an inviting link. I clicked   dr ABOO site and was amazed at the services he offered. I decided to try one of the money spells. This one promised luck in the job search. I came home that evening with a huge smile on my face. Somehow, I just knew everything would be fine. About a week after ordering the spell, I got a phone call. I had assumed it was only a telemarketer, because I did not recognize the phone number, but I was very wrong. It was the manager of a huge corporation and he was impressed with my resume and wanted me to come in for an interview. I was literally jumping for joy. I'm now working at a great company that pays me a much larger salary than my last job! GODON MONKS UK, london.

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