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Due to a very high demand to be able to get these separately, my powerful spiritual essences and Traditional healing are now available

YOUR Powerful SPIRITUAL ESSENCE will ATTRACT very strong positive energies to help you be able to get WHAT YOU WANT.   

These are perfect if things are going your way and you want to keep them going in your favor.  These are also good for small, minor or pesky problems.   Or at the commencement of a problem or as a preventitve measure against a problem.   These will draw positive Spiritual Energies all around you to assist you in getting what you want.

They are handblended and made according to CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET RECIPES which make them the MOST POWERFUL Spiritual Tools on EARTH!!!  Made with extremely rare and hard to attain high quality materials and ingredients, YOUR SPIRITUAL ESSENCE ATTRACTS STRONG ENERGIES TO YOUR AID and assist you in getting what you want.

At one time, you could only get your hands on these if you get one of my Spell Kits, however due to a very high demand, I am now making these available to be purchased seperately.
They are extremely easy to use and work great to give you that extra head start in any endeavor.  They can also be used to reinforce other spells cast or to speed up results.

Here are the Essences available:


  • Hex Removing +

    Removes low level hexes or effects of the evil eye.
  • Cleansing +

    Cleanses your Spiritual Body from Negativity and junk that has collected.
  • Court Case +

    Makes you more attractive and more easily favored when going to court.
  • Business +

    Makes your Business, Store, or other venture more attractive to Clients and Customers.
  • Block Buster +

    Helps you break through obstacles and blockages which are stopping you from getting what you want.
  • Peace +

    Creates peace within the environment of where it is used or to help give someone peace.
  • Steady Work +

    Makes you attractive to prospective employers. Makes them want to learn more about you and favor you more easily. Helps
  • Attraction +

    Attracts positive energies and forces to help you attract what you want to you. Changes your energetic field to attract
  • Love +

    Attracts and draws positive spiritual energies to draw love into your life. Perfect when you are trying to start dating.
  • Power +

    Attracts strong spiritual forces to give you more power and control over your life.
  • Success +

    Attracts positive spiritual energies to draw success closer to you.
  • Protection +

    Attracts Strong Forces of Protection to protect you from the evil eye and low level Psychic Attack
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