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Charge back

The owner of the site will do everything to avoid charge backs from being received from its customers. WE provide many means of dispute resolution, if you, as a customer, have a question or problem with a charge from us, we will be happy work with you to resolve it, and avoid a charge back. In the event that you do issue a charge back, the owner of the site will use this document and customer's agreement at the time of order to dispute your charge back with your bank and our processing company. Any dispute / charge back attempts will immediately result in suspension of the work and referral to an outside, third-party collection agency.

Any customer who provides a credit card charge back in response to a bill and or order placed on the site will be subject to collection agency action. We may append the following fees to your past-due or disputed balance before referral to our third party collection agency:

$200.00 processing fee and/or a 25% collection fee to cover our costs in collection amounts past due. Please note that a collection agency action may badly hurt your credit. Please make sure that you AGREE to the Terms Of Services and our Privacy Policy before ordering any products and services from us.

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